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Konica Minolta rue Phillip Island Test dampener

Konica Minolta rue Phillip Island Test dampener

Konica Minolta rue Phillip Island Test dampener

After a positive day yesterday, which marked the beginning of Konica Minolta Honda´s 2006 MotoGP World Championship preparations, today the alternation of rain and short spells of clear sky didn´t allow Makoto Tamada and his technicians the chance to continue the new 2006 Honda RC211V´s development process.

At midday, when the track was completely flooded, Tamada completed fifteen laps used to check the feel of the new bike in wet conditions. Rain decreased in intensity later on, but the track never completely dried out.

The Japanese rider completed his second day of Australian tests with 1.43.74 his best lap time.

Weather conditions permitting, the team will only have tomorrow to carry out the planned work program.

Makoto Tamada – Konica Minolta Honda Rider

"I was really bored today, like most of the other riders present in Phillip Island, waiting for the rain to stop falling. When I decided to do some laps, the water on the track seemed to be stable. Half an hour later, rain had decreased, and I decided to stop. It made no sense to continue, the never-ending change of track conditions did not allow for any valid reference to elaborate on comments for my technicians.

Anyway, I'm really satisfied because I had the same good feeling as yesterday when I rode the new RC211V for the first time" Giulio Bernardelle –Konica Minolta Honda Technical Director

"We can say that we lost a day, not just through the rain, but most of all through the continued changes in track condition. It was impossible to find any solution due to the unpredictability of working with a constantly changing environmental reference. The positive thing is that Makoto has realised the complete potential of the technical package we will work with during this season, even in wet conditions. The check Makoto made, lasting just 15 laps before the rain started falling, can be considered positive.

If there is the possibility of working in dry conditions tomorrow we will conclude the Australian tests session with a good database with which to develop the machine´s settings for the first part of the season."

MotoGP, 2006

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