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Montmeló Test continues with Lorenzo fastest

Montmeló Test continues with Lorenzo fastest

Montmeló Test continues with Lorenzo fastest

The Montmeló circuit played host to the second day of 125cc and 250cc tests today, and in contrast to last Monday´s weather-affected cancellation there were clear skies and prominent sunshine. The only meteorological problem affecting the test was a fresh wind causing temperatures to drop in the shaded sections of the track. Teams such as Aspar and Honda BQR brought a large section of their entourage to the Catalunya circuit for this session.

There was a sharp turnover in the pits, as riders came in for adjustments, changed parts and took to the track again. Marco Simoncelli and Roberto Locatelli were among those taking it easy during the day, passing much of the session in street clothes before their run-outs.

Jorge Lorenzo put in the day´s fastest time, a 1´46.89 onboard his Fortuna Aprilia. Alex de Angelis managed to prevent a repeat of yesterday´s Aprilia one-two with a 1´47.0 at the Montmeló track. The Italian explained that he was looking forward to an open and competitive season and was very happy with his team.

At lunchtime the riders kicked into gear, aiming to make the most out of the day´s highest temperatures. Gino Borsoi´s fall halted the bustle of activity for a short while to allow the scene to be completely cleared, before the riders continued with the task at hand. Other falls without injury came from Derbi Racing´s Nico Terol and Totti Top Sport´s Stefano Bianco.

In addition to the various riders and team members, the test was also attended by thirty pupils from a nearby school, aged between eight and nine. Seated in the main grandstand, the day´s action no doubt proved to be a fantastic day out.

Montmeló Test- Day 2
Unofficial times


1. Jorge Lorenzo – Fortuna Aprilia 1'46.89
2. Alex de Angelis – Aspar Team 1'47.0
3. Héctor Barberá – Fortuna Aprilia 1'47.2
4. Jakub Smrz – AB Racing 1'47.62
5. Alex Debon – Aprilia 1'47.8
6. Roberto Locatelli – Team Toth 1'48.08
7. Marco Simoncelli – Metis Gilera 1'48.4
8. Arturo Tizón – Honda BQR 1'48.9
9. Martín Cárdenas – Honda BQR 1'49.7
10. Jordi Carchano – Stop and Go 1'52.5

1. Mattia Pasini – Aspar Team 1'50.7
2. Ángel Rodríguez – Totti Top Sport 1'51.2
3. Sergio Gadea – Aspar Team 1'51.7
4. Lukas Pesek – Derbi Racing 1'51.9
5. Héctor Faubel – Aspar Team 1'52.0
6. Joan Olivé – SSM Racing 1'52.5
7. Lorenzo Zanetti – Skilled ISPA 1'52.79
8. Nico Terol – Derbi Racing 1'52.8
9. Simone Corsi – Metis Gilera 1'52.8
10. Álvaro Bautista – Aspar Team 1'52.9
11. Federico Sandi – SSM Racing 1'53.6
12. Mateo Túnez – Aspar Team 1'54.0
13. Imre Toth – Team Toth 1'54. 1
14. Karel Abraham – AB Racing 1'54.2
15. Esteve Rabat – Honda BQR 1'54.8

250cc, 2006, Jorge Lorenzo

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