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Photo finishes

Photo finishes

Photo finishes

Don´t blink during this week´s Key Moments section of the MotoGP Channel, or you´ll definitely miss out on some close calls that decided MotoGP races in the most exciting fashion.

It´s a moment of excitement for the trailing rider, and one of anxiety for the leader. They go through the last corner, the chequered flag is in sight, it´s a sprint for the line. Both riders hit the throttle, glory in their sights. And the winner is…..?

Sometimes races are so tight that a photo finish is needed. In some cases not even this can separate the riders, and a fastest lap comparison decides who takes the glory. These breathtaking finishes can decide not only races but championships as well. So sit back, pay attention and enjoy some of MotoGP´s tightest finishes.

MotoGP, 2006

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