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Kiefer BOS Racing present the 2006 team

Kiefer BOS Racing present the 2006 team

Kiefer BOS Racing present the 2006 team

Sachsenring´s karting hall was the venue chosen by Kiefer BOS Racing for their first engagement of 2006. At the German circuit, riders Dirk Heidolf and Anthony West were presented to the public last Friday evening, together with their latest bikes. The 250cc team are facing a new challenge this season, focusing on the quarter litre category with for the first time with Aprilia bikes. Both riders are eager to start the preseason this Wednesday, when they head to Portugal for a series of tests in Estoril.

Anthony West displayed a mixture of optimism and modesty in his statement to the gathered audience of 250. Asked about his first impressions and goals for the season, he said "I don´t know yet what I can expect from my new team, we want to find out at the tests starting Wednesday in Estoril . I would like to win races, but of course that will be difficult. For me, it could be rain at every race…"

Teammate Dirk Heidolf identified the work he needs to undertake in order to have a successful season, and also seemed pleased with the addition of West.

"After a winter without injuries it is possible for me to start a new season without complaints. I am physically and psychologically in better condition than at this point in previous years. For the new season I must work on the small weakness at the start of a race. With better starts and fast early laps, it's easier to finish in the points. I expect improvements to come as well from the fact that I now have a teammate in the same class, because now we can work much more efficiently during practice to find a good bike setup"

Team boss Stefan Kiefer gave his verdict on the addition of Anthony West and the Kiefer Racing Team´s chances for the 2006 season.

"Anthony West´s riding for us was decided very quickly. Dirk and Anthony are quite similar in their experience. Anthony is known as a rain specialist and I think he has the potential to finish in the top ten . For Dirk, I hope that he can benefit from the addition of Anthony to the team. I think placing between 10 and 14 would be a realistic target"

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