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The Tyre War (part 2): Bridgestone

The Tyre War (part 2): Bridgestone

The Tyre War (part 2): Bridgestone

This week in the "Inside MotoGP" section, we let you behind the front lines of one of the World Championship´s most interesting battles. Playing a secondary but no less important role in the on-track combat, this is what we have named: "The Tyre War". The dominant force in this conflict until now has been Michelin.

Japanese factory Bridgestone set out their assault plan against the French constructor in 2003. One year on, Makoto Tamada gave them their first MotoGP victory in Brazil. Last season they achieved another brace of victories (thanks to Loris Capirossi) and various other places on the podium, confirming their excellent progression. In 2006 the Japanese rubber will be used again by various teams, including Ducati, Kawasaki and Suzuki.

Through steady steps, Bridgestone have been turning themselves into a serious competitor for Michelin. The freedom granted to the MotoGP teams to choose their tyre manufacturer allows them to enjoy another passionate fight to go along with the other on track duels, one which is a key factor in the difference between success and failure for both teams and riders.

MotoGP, 2006

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