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In a sport where participants reach awe-inspiring speeds, making contact with the ground on an area the size of a credit card, safety is of paramount importance. In particular with regards to headgear.

Riders don´t just pick a helmet from the shelf to wear in a Grand Prix. Their safety gear is specifically designed for their individual shape and size, by a crack team of workers. Two of the factories at the forefront of helmet technology are Arai and Shoei, and exclusive interviews with workers from both manufacturers are featured on this week's Inside MotoGP section of the MotoGP Channel.

We provide you with both the video and the transcripts for these interesting insights into the world of safety technology.


"Riders don't need to compromise with us. Right now the workers are cleaning up the face shields and visors, just to help the riders' concentration"

"Normally everyone has at least four helmets, with one of those rain specific and modified to prevent fogging"

"We have been the premier helmet manufacturer in Grand Prix racing since 1980, and now we cover all races, from Europe to Australia and Japan"

"It is very hard work, there are a lot of people doing their job here, but the few who live far away sometimes get very busy and tired. It's good to have so many people working with us, and all the information we collect from the riders helps us to improve products that are also available to the public"

"Riders are particularly concerned about fogging. They were initially worried about the helmet's weight, wanting the lightest, but now they focus more on shape and fit"


"Hello, I´m Tomi Hasegawa and I service helmets for riders including Dovizioso, Porto and Locatelli"

"This is a helmet dryer. When riders come in after every session their helmets are very wet inside, so this machine helps us dry them off"

"This is Daijiro Kato's helmet that he wore at the 2003 season. After that he gave it to us. This number 74 tattoo on my wrist means he will always be working with us"

"This is special film designed to prevent fogging in the visor"

MotoGP, 2006

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