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Kenny Roberts Sr: "It's all down to us now"

Kenny Roberts Sr: 'It's all down to us now'

Kenny Roberts Sr: "It's all down to us now"

Heading into a season somewhat different to those previously encountered, Kenny Roberts Sr sees the success of his new team as being "in their hands" after a promising preseason.

Speaking in an exclusive interview at the British media presentation, the head of the KR team commented on the new bike, the development process and the addition of his son to the American outfit.

"Working together with something this tricky and dangerous adds a different element to our relationship. I spent most of the time telling him to slow down, and the other times encouraging him to speed up! It's just a question of doing it as safely as possible," said Roberts, before drawing a parallel between the situation and that he encountered with Wayne Rainey.

"Me and Wayne were like brothers, but obviously having Kenny out there riding adds another 50% to that."

MotoGP, 2006, Kurtis Roberts

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