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Yamaha's Daniele Romagnoli on Jerez

Yamaha's Daniele Romagnoli on Jerez

Yamaha's Daniele Romagnoli on Jerez

With few hard braking points and little opportunity to fully open the throttle, the key to Jerez is about the rider's skill in picking the most effective racing line. The 4.423km track features five left and eight right hand corners with regular and quick changes in direction, meaning that the rider requires a responsive overall package and, above all, precise chassis set-up.

"The most important and difficult aspect of set-up at Jerez is the chassis," explained Daniele Romagnoli, Chief Mechanic to Colin Edwards. "It is a peculiar circuit because the bike spends a lot of time at maximum lean and there are very few points that require maximum throttle, so the engine and the gearbox settings are not as important here as they are at other tracks."

"There are many high-speed corners with fast entry so the chassis has to be good, as do the suspension and the tyres. The riders need good grip at maximum lean so we work on the weight balance, spring rates and finding a good tyre."


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