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Raul Jara: "The Academy kids learn very quickly"

Raul Jara: 'The Academy kids learn very quickly'

Raul Jara: "The Academy kids learn very quickly"

The Red Bull MotoGP Academy's second project has started with great excitement for the new young riders taking part. The scheme was created by Dorna Sports, the company which directs the MotoGP World Championship. In the following interview, Co-Director of the Academy Raul Jara explained to us the process being undertaken in the "MotoGP conveyor belt".

How did the recent tests go for the Red Bull MotoGP Academy

It's a shame that not everyone could be there, seeing as Daniel Webb was missing from the line-up, but the work is reflected by the kids. Our main goal is to make sure that these youngsters learn how a bike works and how to function as part of a team. We also teach them the practical aspects, such as what they should be familiar with onboard a bike and how to analyse circuits.

What do you have to be careful with?

Obviously what we ask for at the start is that they learn all that they can. We don't pressurise them with results because they are so young, but we're really happy because they are quick learners.

How does this season's group seem to you?

This year the riders are really young, and the best barometer of what they can achieve in the future is that already they are riding fast. We have a good team and we work calmly.

On a personal level, what does the Academy mean to you?

For me it is really gratifying to be a part of the Red Bull MotoGP Academy, because you get to see the young riders paying attention to your advice and trying to put it into practice. To work with them is a pleasure, because they are always attentive and try their hardest to do well.

How do you rate the performance of Academy graduate Bradley Smith so far in his debut season?

I think Bradley has started the season very well. Apart from the start of races, he has been riding at a good pace both in Jerez and Qatar. He doesn't look down and he goes laps consistently, which is the hardest thing to achieve. He is very involved in the team and continues the learning process. He has many races ahead of him.


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