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Track Profile: Istanbul Park

Track Profile: Istanbul Park

Track Profile: Istanbul Park

The Istanbul Circuit debuted on the MotoGP calendar last season, providing a breath of fresh air for the riders keen to undertake any new challenge. The style of the track is somewhat unique, providing an interesting spectacle for all involved.

The Turkish track is 5,340 metres long, with 14 corners divided fairly evenly. Eight left hand turns and six right handers accompany a short 700m chicane at the end of the start/finish straight, whilst the second half of the circuit sees points in which riders reach 300kph.

One of the main characteristics of the track is that it runs in an anticlockwise direction, with it's varied bends and comfortable width allowing for many different ways of riding the circuit.

The track is home to a number of descents, with probably the most notable occurring at the first left hander just after the main straight. Less of a technical masterpiece than other Tilke circuits, Turkey makes up for this with its breakneck speed and pure enjoyment factor.

The riders will have to pay careful attention to their brakes, which will come under a lot of strain during the bendy ride round Istanbul Park. Last year saw numerous riders taking a trip into the gravel, a thorn in the side of many trying to chase circuit records.

Alongside the excellent track, Istanbul Park also includes impressive facilities. Capable of housing nearly 130,000 racing fans (with 25,000 seated in the main grandstand), the skyline is dominated by two six storey towers.

This Thursday, the MotoGP Channel invites you to take a look at the ins and outs of the circuit alongside last year's MotoGP victor, Marco Melandri.


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