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Montiron speaks on turning point for Tamada

Montiron speaks on turning point for Tamada

Montiron speaks on turning point for Tamada

With Makoto Tamada achieving an impressive sixth in China, team manager Luca Montiron spoke with this week to give us the lowdown on what to expect in Le Mans and beyond.

The China GP seems to have marked a turning point for Makoto Tamada.

Considering that he did not know the track due to the injury suffered last year during the official practice of the Estoril GP, Makoto has had a pretty good reaction. Making a times analysis it is indicative he has set his fastest lap time at the last lap. Now we must find a constancy in performances on all tracks and Makoto will have to improve his rhythm in the first laps. The fact that he has found the riding feeling again will contribute to give him a bigger consciousness in his own skills.

What has been the biggest difficulty at the beginning of this championship?

It's always difficult to understand which are the limitations that do not allow the rider to express himself to the utmost levels as so many factors can determine the sport result. I think that, in comparison to what he was used to, he had to work hard to adjust himself to the different driving style requested by the Michelin tyres. Thanks to the job f the French technicians, Tamada has made some progresses; what he needs now is to find the confidence again with those automatisms that can only be given when confronting himself with the other riders.

Do you think this process can happen in a short time?

I expect another step ahead already in Le Mans.

How is your relationships with Tamada?

Thanks to the trust of sponsors and the factory, we have been able to develop a medium-long term project, Makoto is well aware that everything has been made to put him in the best conditions. Our human relationship is very open and frank, we tell each other what we think and just for this we have a mutual admiration.

How do you see the continuation of the project?

It's difficult to hypothesize how the future will be; very soon, with the arrival of the 800c.c. engines, we'll enter a new era. In any case, I'd like to continue the way we have undertaken and give stability to our programme.

The choices we've made brought us tangible results, relevant and important teams do not participate to this season and this makes understand the change that our world has had during the recent years.

Thanks to the stepwise politics we have had the opportunity to involve a technological sponsor like Konica Minolta, for us, this factor has represented a key change in the MotoGP project approach.

Q. How does KONICA MINOLTA use the sport programme?

A. From my point of view, it is of fundamental importance to work with multinational companies.
A clear example is how KONICA MINOLTA has been able to involve its own worldwide branches. Every branch studies a focused commercial programme considering its own needs but using a common sport image, therefore, the Moog activity is one of the instruments used to give a worldwide visibility to the KONICA MINOLTA trade mark.

Many braches in the world have created important collaborations, an emblematic example is that in some countries the Honda CBR600RR replica of the KONICA MINOLTA HONDA Team are produced, this is useful to explain how each branch has made its best to collaborate and create an important synergy between Honda and KONICA MINOLTA.

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