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125cc Podium Quotes

125cc Podium Quotes

125cc Podium Quotes

Mattia Pasini:

Alvaro and Lukas were very fast, right now I am happy. It was really fun, a fantastic race for me, nearly at home! I tried to escape at the start but Lukas and Alvaro were too fast to manage that.

Alvaro Bautista:

It was a great race for all three of us, I had an absolutely brilliant time. Its good for Mattia, he won here and I won in Jerez in our home Grands Prix. I tried to make the manoeuvre on the last lap but it was just a bit too much. It is good for me though because I gained points that I lost in Le Mans to extend the lead over Mika Kallio.

Lukas Pesek:

Of course I'm happy, but maybe I was thinking too much about the last lap and the last corner. It was a beautiful race for Mattia to win at home, congratulations to him.


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