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Capirossi sweats it out for science

Capirossi sweats it out for science

Capirossi sweats it out for science

The Gatorade Sports Science Institute was present at the Mugello circuit to carry out sweat tests to verify the ideal hydration levels for each athlete, testing Loris Capirossi to gain a better understanding of his physical needs.

Nicola Sponsiello, the GSSI scientist responsible for Italy – took charge of the test carried out on the Ducati team during the Gran Premio d'Italia Alice.

During the MotoGP race on June the 4th, only a few parameters were checked. This was so as to not interfere with the team's critical preparation routines.The GSSI doctors verified Capirossi's weight before and after the race and they will control the amount of liquid drunk between the first and second check. These parameters allowed them to establish the Italian's weight loss, dehydration and liquid reintegration levels.

A sweat test was undertaken on Monday. Approximately 15 minutes before the start of the training session, Dr Aragón applied special plasters on Capirossi's body, which collect sweat in order to obtain a panoramic of sodium and potassium concentrations in the organism.

Body weight was measured before and after the physical activity to determine the amount of liquid lost during training. Capirossi drank exclusively from a bottle containing a specific amount of liquid to measure ingestion.

The samples collected will be examined by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute in Barrington, Illinois.

Nicola Sponsiello explained the reasons for the project, stating that "Ducati's sweat test is a very important opportunity for GSSI since it is the first time that we can get a precise survey of the needs of this sport that has not been studied under this aspect before. Motorbike riders are a category of athletes particularly subject to dehydration due to their special sportswear. Understanding how much liquid and minerals they lose is important to for providing the Ducati riders and staff with suggestions to improve performance."

Ducati MotoGP project leader Livio Suppo was pleased with the development of the tests, commenting that "We are proud to be taking part in this test with Gatorade. We are always looking for excellence and to improve our performance, so it is very important for us to be able to cooperate with Gatorade, who have their own institute that undertakes scientific studies on the performance of athletes. The level of competition in MotoGP is so high that we need to give maximum attention to every single aspect of performance."

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