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MotoGP top 3 in quotes

MotoGP top 3 in quotes

MotoGP top 3 in quotes

Valentino Rossi
It is a great, great pleasure to earn this pole. I finished with another mile left on the tyres, and I wanted to do another lap to say "ciao" to the spectators. It's been a long time off pole, and I've been struggling with M1, but I need to thank Michelin and Yamaha. Especially at the end we had time to set up qualification tyres, and the last lap was a great one, I have a lot of fans in Spain and I am looking forward to racing in front of them against other great riders.

John Hopkins
The possibility of that podium is always there, and we are trying as hard as we can. The Bridgestones are really coming along. You can't count us out but it will be difficult race with the heat and I think we can get a good result.

Kenny Roberts
Certainly since China we got some advice from Honda. We added it to the bike and we have slowly been working on the set-up. I knew we'd be competitive, the race pace has improved, and from yesterday to this morning we were riding well. When two riders arrive at the team it's going to be interesting, with our history in motorsport. We need to improve obviously but we can do better for sure.


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