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MotoGP top 3 in quotes

MotoGP top 3 in quotes

MotoGP top 3 in quotes

Valentino Rossi

The start was difficult. Normally it is hard to concentrate, but after a crash like the one we saw today it is even more so. I was especially worried about the condition of Marco Melandri, who seemed to come out badly from the first corner incident. Fortunately when I got back to the box Dr Costa told me that the three riders were conscious and were doing ok.

I made a mistake on the second start, and dropped a number of positions. From there I had a full tank and it was difficult to overtake, but once I had caught up with the first group I got faster. I overtook Casey Stoner and saw Nicky's name on the pit board, so I knew that from then on it would be a battle. It has been a great victory for me and improves my championship chances.

Nicky Hayden

It seemed just like the World Cup, Italy and the USA involved in a tie. All weekend I haven't done so well, in the practices and warm-up, so I knew that it would be hard. When the light goes out you just have to leave it all behind and go out for the victory.

I could see that Valentino was saving his form for the end of the race, so I didn't really think that I could catch him. I'm sorry that the race was so dull after the spectacle in Mugello, perhaps we may have spoilt the fans a little bit this season.

Kenny Roberts Jr

It's been a long time since I was last in this position, I think the last time I felt so good about a race was back in Japan.

Although I'm on the podium I really wasn't that confident in myself at the beginning of the race, so I just stayed out of trouble, trying to concern myself with my own job. I stabilised myself by the midway point in the race, and from then I rode a bit more steadily and was able to take the third place.

The team have some new stuff ready for Assen, so we'll bring that in and see what we can do. I was just going to sit on the couch this season and watch the races from there, but then my dad said that he had a ride for me if I wanted it and that Honda would be onboard. I accepted and I'm really happy that I did. We have worked alongside Honda and have found some settings that have allowed us to go much faster.


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