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Press Conference

Press Conference

Press Conference

Nicky Hayden

I had a look at the new layout, it looked weird even when we were just driving into the Circuit this morning. I won't be able to give a definitive opinion about it until I ride around. I think the extra practice will help, but it won't be an advantage because it is the same for everyone.

We have to change the settings here, it used to be quite hard but now it's all mostly flat corners which changes things a bit.

I'm just trying to be consistent in the championship. We've got a huge five-race stretch coming up, it's important for me to keep healthy. We had a nasty crash in Catalunya, but that's bike racing for you, it's not fishing. One thing I have been most impressed with in MotoGP has been the preparation and professionalism, two of my brothers have broken bones this year as a result of hitting walls, so I don't complain too much.

Valentino Rossi

Assen was one of the old-style circuits, but now of course there have been modifications so it could be a lot different in terms of riding.

I'm very confident, since Le Mans we have come back strong. Mugello was our home circuit and Catalunya has always been one of my favourite tracks. I also like the track here, and Donington is like my second home race.

It is very important to keep healthy and concentrate at such a crucial moment in the championship.

Toni Elias

Catalunya was a difficult race. I crashed but I was okay, however I was very worried for Marco. I saw everything; Sete sliding off, Loris' bike flying through the air…it was a very strange moment. When we are on the track, of course we want to win, but we are still human and worry about things.

I think Marco will try to ride tomorrow.

The first few races of my season were not perfect, but they were good. Now I need to sort out the rear end of the bike, and we haven't had much time to work on this aspect with all the rain and races in quick succession. Here being a new track will be excellent for us, as we have 90 minutes to work things out.

Chris Vermeulen

I've been round this circuit and Donington before, which is better for me than at Mugello and Le Mans where I just rolled up and didn't know which way to go. At Catalunya I'd tested before and it was so much easier. Unfortunately there was the crash and people who maybe would have been fighting or finishing ahead of me weren't there.

I always want to improve, coming to Suzuki was a big step and I am excited about growing as a rider. This is the top class, where I want to be and there are 14-15 guys who are competitive in the category. My team work well on my side of the garage, but there's great interaction between my side and John's. He is always willing to give me advice and he is a fast rider.

Kenny Roberts

I wasn't actually so excited about third place in Catalunya, as I felt that we had reached a level where we should have been before. So I didn't really celebrate it as such, and a few days later here we are.

Some suggestions from Honda in Shanghai helped a lot and, although some people in the media had been saying things, as a rider you know what you have to do regardless of positive or negative comments.

It has been a good start for this team and also for the future of MotoGP I believe. Now people can see that you can go forward by building a new chassis around an engine. I think now we need to make this a two-man team to help develop the bike.


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