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Regulation changes for World Championship

Regulation changes for World Championship

Regulation changes for World Championship

The Grand Prix Commission, composed of Messrs. Carmelo Ezpeleta (Dorna, Chairman), Claude Danis (FIM), Hervé Poncharal (IRTA) and Takanao Tsubouchi (MSMA), in the presence of Mr Paul Butler (Secretary of the meeting), in a meeting held at the circuit of Assen last weekend, unanimously decided to introduce the following modifications to the Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Regulations. Sporting Regulations
1.15.1 Practice Restrictions 125cc and 250cc Classes (for immediate application)
Contracted Teams who benefit from a Participation Agreement to take part in the Championship in the 125cc and 250cc classes are forbidden to practice with those machines:

i) At any circuit between the 1st December of one year and the 20th January of the following year, both dates being inclusive.

ii) At any circuit outside the Continental Zone where the team is based, (Europe, Asia/Oceania, Africa, the Americas), between the end of one season and the start of the next season.

iii) At any circuit included in the Grand Prix calendar of the current year after the date that is 14 days prior to the first race of the season.

iv) At any circuit included in the Grand Prix calendar of the current year during "breaks", as defined in above.

The following exceptions will apply:

a) Free practice or qualifying practice at the event.

b) Practice at any circuit after the event at that circuit except during a break as defined above.

c) Official practice sessions organised by IRTA.

d) Practice by contracted Teams and their designated riders in those classes, at the two testing circuits designated by each team (see 1.11.1) which may take place up to 14 days before the race scheduled for the circuit, but not during a break as defined above.

e) Any activity allowed by the Race Direction.

f) Designated riders who are in their first season of contracted participation in the World Championship may compete in other events held at Grand Prix circuits in Europe during that season.

v) Practice restrictions do not apply to 125cc and 250cc wild card riders except that they may not practice or race at any Grand Prix circuit starting 14 days before the race.

Technical Regulations
2.10 Fuel, Oil and Coolants (application as from 01.01.2007)
2.10.2 Unleaded petrol will comply with the FIM Grand Prix specification if:

(a) It has the following characteristics:

Property Units Min. Max. Test Method RON 95.0 102.0 ISO 5164
MON 85.0 90.0 ISO 5163
Oxygen % m/m 2.7 ASTM D 4815
Nitrogen % m/m 0.2 ASTM D 4629
Benzene % v/v 1.0 EN 238
RVP kPa 90 EN 13016-1
Lead g/l 0.005 EN 237
Density at 15 °C kg/m3 720.0 775,0 780.0 ASTM D 4052
Oxidation Stability minutes 360 ASTM D 525
Existent gum mg/100 ml 5.0 EN ISO 6246
Sulphur mg/kg 50,0 ASTM D 5453
Copper Corrosion rating C1 ISO 2160
E at 70 °C % v/v 22,0 15.0 50.0 ISO 3405
E at 100 °C % v/v 46.0 71.0 ISO 3405
E at 150 °C % v/v 75.0 ISO 3405
Final Boiling Point °C 210,0 215.0ISO 3405
Residue % v/v 2.0 ISO 3405
Olefins(*) % v/v 18.0 ASTM D 1319:1998
Gas Chromatography
Aromatics(*) % v/v 35,0 42.0 ASTM D 1319:1998
Gas Chromatography
Total di-olefins % m/m 1.0 GCMS / HPLC
Appearance clear and bright visual inspection
2.11.7 Helmets must be of the full face type and conform to one of the recognised international standards:
· Europe ECE 22-04 & ECE 22-05 ‘P'
· Japan JIS T 8133 : 2000
· USA SNELL M 2005

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