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Michelin and MotoGP tyre logistics

Michelin and MotoGP tyre logistics

Michelin and MotoGP tyre logistics

The all-round performance of Michelin's MotoGP tyres is the secret to their success but logistics are also crucial in the quest for victory.

o Michelin provides tyres for a total of 18 MotoGP machines for nine riders at each round of the 17-event World Championship.

o Michelin transports about 1000 tyres to each GP, 40 per cent are front tyres, 60 per cent are rear tyres. This total increases during back-to-back races, when Michelin's MotoGP convoy doesn't have time to return to its base in Clermont-Ferrand.

o Michelin's nine riders generally use 400 to 500 tyres during a GP weekend. The other 700 tyres allow Michelin to respond to all track and weather conditions. About 10 per cent of tyres are rain tyres.

o All Michelin MotoGP tyres are loaded into the trucks (or crates for flyaway races) according to their type. They are loaded vertically in flexible racks to prevent deformation. All tyres are marked with barcode labels to facilitate stock management and tyre movements.

o The Michelin MotoGP convoy consists of three articulated lorries, two carrying tyres, the third includes a mobile office that serves as base for Michelin's MotoGP programme manager and technicians and also carryies paddock equipment. These vehicles cover between 30,000 and 35,000km each every year, travelling to European races and tests.

o The Michelin MotoGP convoy typically leaves Clermont-Ferrand on the Monday or Tuesday prior to European races, aiming to arrive in the paddock by Wednesday afternoon at the latest. Tyres are flown to out-of-Europe races. Michelin flies seven to eight tonnes of freight to these races.

o Tight security is always observed while the tyres are outside Michelin's Clermont-Ferrand facility. The trucks drive in convoy and personnel never leave their vehicles unattended. If they make an overnight stop, drivers sleep in their cabins. The vehicles are also equipped with alarms.

o Michelin's MotoGP crew totals 16 staff: the programme manager, seven engineers and eight fitters who also drive the trucks and set up Michelin's paddock compound in the paddock. Staff members are also allocated stock-keeping duties and one fitter acts as security guard, watching over the tyres at night.

MotoGP, 2006

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