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Talmacsi talks Brno, triple flyaways and 2007

Talmacsi talks Brno, triple flyaways and 2007

Talmacsi talks Brno, triple flyaways and 2007

After a podium finish at Brno in front of a legion of followers, Gabor Talmacsi took time out to speak to about his hopes for this season and beyond.

How important was the podium place in the last race, held in the Czech Republic?

I did not expect such a good result before the race, due to the heat. The month-long break was good for both me and the team. At the weekend, we could set ourselves down on the grid with no technical problems and with renewed energy.

Does the third place at Brno give you extra motivation for the next few races?

Regardless, it is important that both me and my team believe that, even though we have technical disadvantages, we can earn good results with this bike too, just like in Brno on Sunday.

Do you like the coming circuits; Sepang, Phillip Island and Motegi? Do they suit your riding style?

I like these tracks. Physically, I can bear the overseas races better, and in addition to this there are less spectators, so I can focus more on the racing. I hope that I can manage to achieve similar results in the remaining five races.

What are your objectives from now until the end of the season?

The main aim is to keep up our competitiveness. In the overall standings I am unable to finish in the top 3, but I would like to move up from 8th position.

Have you started to think about 2007? Do you have any chance of moving up to the 250cc class at the moment?

My manager has already started negotiations with my present team and also with other teams. My dream is to debut in the 250 cc category next year, but that will only happen if I can start on a fighting fit, factory bike. Otherwise, I would rather stay in the 125 cc class. Fortunately, we have had a lot of good offers, and we are trying to choose the best option from them.

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