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Capirossi has longest winning career in GP racing

Capirossi has longest winning career in GP racing

Capirossi has longest winning career in GP racing

Loris Capirossi's win at Brno arrived more than 16 years after his first GP victory in the 125cc race at Donington Park in 1990, on the way to becoming the youngest ever rider to win a world title. Capirossi is the rider with the longest winning career in Grand Prix racing, taking the record from thirteen times world champion Angel Nieto. The following list shows the ten riders with the longest winning careers in Grand Prix racing:

Riders with longest winning careers

1.Loris Capirossi: 125cc/GB/1990 MotoGP/Spain/2006- 16 years 15 days
2. Angel Nieto: 50cc/E. Germany/1969 80cc/France/1985- 16 years 8 days
3. Phil Read: 350cc/GB/1961 500cc/Czech/1975 14 years 71 days
4. Loris Reggiani: 125cc/GB/1980 250cc/Czech/1993- 13 years 12 days
5. Max Biaggi : 250cc/South Africa/1992 MotoGP/Germany/2004- 11 years 315 days
6. Toni Mang: 125cc/W. Germany/1976 250cc/Japan/1988- 11 years 211 days
7. Alex Barros : 500cc/FIM/1993 MotoGP/Portugal/2005- 11 years 204 days
8. Luigi Taveri: 125cc/Spain/1955 125cc/Italy/1966- 11 years 133 days
9. Giacomo Agostini: 350cc/W. Germany/1965 500cc/W. Germany/1976- 11 years 126 days
10. Alex Criville: 125cc/Australia/1989 500cc/France/2000- 11 years 35 days

Capirossi is also the rider with the fourth longest winning career in the premier-class of Grand Prix racing. However he would need a triumph towards the end of next season before moving further up the following list:

Longest winning careers in the premier-class

1. Alex Barros FIM/1993 Portugal/2005 - 11 years 204 days
2. Phil Read Ulster GP/1964 Czech/1975 - 11 years 16 days
3. Giacomo Agostini Finland/1965 West Germany/1976 - 11 years 7 days
4. Loris Capirossi Australia/1996 Spain/2006 - 9 years 304 days
5. Eddie Lawson South Africa/1984 Hungary/1992 - 8 years 110 days
6. Mick Doohan Hungary/1990 Argentina/1998 - 8 years 53 days
7. Geoff Duke IOM TT/1950 Sweden/1958 - 8 years 47 days
8. Alex Criville Dutch TT/1992 France/2000 - 7 years 321 days
9. Randy Mamola Belgium/1980 San Marino/1987 - 7 years 55 days
10. John Hartle Ulster GP/1956 Dutch TT/1963 - 6 years 322 days

Capirossi moves into the top twenty in all time winners list. Capirossi's victory at Brno was his 27th win in all classes of Grand Prix racing. This moves him into 18th place in the list of all-time Grand Prix winners equal with three other riders: Pierpaolo Bianchi, Eugenio Lazzarini and Freddie Spencer.


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