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Montiron confident in improvement

Montiron confident in improvement

Montiron confident in improvement

Konica Minolta Honda's Luca Montiron talks about 2006 and beyond.

Is this the part of the season where we can expect an improvement in Makoto's results, now that he is 100% fit and has recently looked to be riding well?

Makoto has great potential. I've never stopped believing that, even if he's demonstrated it only once in Germany. It seems Makoto has completely recovered from the injury he got from the Sachsenring GP. For the coming races, we expect his positive reaction to this hard season. All the last 5 circuits of the season have good technical characteristics for Tamada. Motegi is his home race, he loves the circuit where he got three consecutive podiums. We hope we'll repeat the same experience of previous years.

How has the season gone differently to how you had planned?

We are working with the same technical package as last year. After one year of experience, we expected Makoto could adjust his riding style to the Honda/Michelin partnership but he's not been able to do it 100% yet. Furthermore, there has been a lack of his best skill, which is to attack. If a rider has to change his riding style to meet the technical package needs, this interferes with the lap times and the rider's mind. We look forward to seeing how Makoto will face the remaining races.

Have there been any concrete plans made for next season? 2 riders in the team, Makoto continuing etc....

First of all we'll reach the end of the season in the best way, evaluating the results of the coming GPs supporting Makoto till the end.
Then we'll take a decision alongside our main partners Honda and Konica Minolta. It's the time when negotiations are endlessly going on and in different directions for everybody. We'll reveal a choice only after the Valencia GP. This is our philosophy, for the respect and the trust I have for my rider and my team.


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