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Valentino Rossi: `21 points is a lot, but not impossible´

Valentino Rossi: `21 points is a lot, but not impossible´

Valentino Rossi: `21 points is a lot, but not impossible´

During the Australian round, Team Camel Yamaha found a serious drawback on their road to the title win due to the rain and odd race conditions. However, Valentino Rossi performed a spectacular recovery and took advantage of a new opportunity to come closer to the World Championship leader.

Colin Edwards crashed, ending his impressive streak of consecutive races within the score zone.

Valentino Rossi:
`I'm a little disappointed with third place because I know that in dry conditions we had a very good set-up and I think the result could have been better. Anyway, we can't do anything about the weather and in these circumstances I have to be thankful for third place because we have pulled some more points back Nicky´.

`After we changed the bike I lost a few places because I didn't have a good feeling initially on the wet tyre. Honestly I think this was my fault because once I found my rhythm I realized my M1 was in good shape and I was able to push more. I'm really happy with the second half of the race because the gap to Sete was seven seconds, but I made my mind up to try and pass him and my bike and my Michelin tyre worked very well to the end´.

`I saw the red dot getting bigger and bigger and to pass him in the last corner was excellent. I would have liked to win for the sixth time here but at least I got to celebrate on the podium in front of all these wonderful fans. Now we are 21 points behind - it is a lot, but not impossible´. Colin Edwards:
`That was a weird race. I actually got a decent start and I felt comfortable out there, but I think this flag to flag racing is dangerous. I think most of us thought we'd just keep riding until somebody crashed, and wouldn't you just know it - that person was me. I'd actually made my mind up to pit and I held my leg out to the crew as I came down the straight to warn them, so I wasn't pushing any harder than I had done on the previous lap´.

`I was off the brakes and off the gas, just tipping it into turn two, when the rear stepped out then dug in and threw me into a handstand. I came down real hard on my backside and that's where the pain is right now. I'm extra disappointed because we'd done a good job with the bike this weekend and if it stayed dry we were all set for a top result. Unfortunately it seems whenever they put the race back an hour it gives the weather a chance to move in. I guess that's live television for you!´.

MotoGP, 2006, GMC AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX, Valentino Rossi

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