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Tamada speaks ahead of home race

Tamada speaks ahead of home race

Tamada speaks ahead of home race

Ahead of his home Grand Prix this weekend, Makoto Tamada sat down to answer a few questions about the circuit and how he works alongside his Konica Minolta Honda team.

Where are you based and how do you spend your time away from the track?

When I'm not in Japan I use to live in Verona. My flat is in the historical part of the city. From my flat I have a wonderful view on the Adige river and the Roman theatre. Verona is not chaotic and it is a pleasant place where to spend the days off when I'm not travelling..

On my day off I normally sleep longer than usual, I do jogging in the park or go cycling around the city centre or up on the hill close to Verona. When I'm abroad I really miss Japan so I try to stay as much time as possible with the Japanese guys of the Team. I reach them at the workshop, spend time there to download e.mail messages, check the photos taken during the GPs, analyse race data and when finished we go having dinner all together. When possible, after dinner, we go to billiard rooms and we have so much fun together.

What are the good and bad points about living away from home?

When I live abroad, I spend most of the time in Italy. Here the good things are: Pasta and Pizza, the weather and the girls. The bad things are the impossibility of meeting friends and relatives What kind of training do you usually do for every race?

I usually train myself when at home. At the circuit, I prefer staying quiet, reading, listening to my preferred music. I love to relax and find the necessary concentration.

What are your impressions of your home circuit, Motegi?

Motegi Twin Ring is the circuit I know better of those included in the MotoGP championship. It's a "classic" track of 4 kilometres and 800 meters with a 2 kilometres oval ring for high speed especially studied for car races. This circuit is technical; it has demanding characteristics for riders and teams as the lay-out and the unpredictable weather.

I love the Twin Ring! Here I've had my best experiences and taken so many victories, in MotoGP as well as in Superbike. This circuit means a lot for me because here I spent a lot of time and have good memories of my friend Daijiro Kato. For the coming GP, my home race, I'll do my best to take the victory.

Right from the first test phases, my team and me will refine the Honda RC211V set up in order to adjust it to the demanding circuit of Motegi. Later our efforts will be oriented to the choice of the best tyre to be used for the race. Here my concentration and determination will be even higher than usual. Racing here is stimulating for me. Who is your best friend out of the GP riders?

Among the GP riders I had one best friend. He was Daijiro Kato. And in your team?

For cultural reasons, I get better along with the Japanese guys even if I love the company of the rest of my staff because they're so funny!

I've been working with the guys of this team since 2003. We lived so many good experiences together. Now that things are not easy they have never stopped supporting me. On the contrary, they have always showed me their confidence in my possibilities and this is very helpful to me.

Is communication between the team and Makoto smooth even though your main language is Japanese?

Communication inside the team is always done in English. They always use simple words to make me understand. When it's too difficult I always ask for a helping hand from the Japanese guys.

I can understand Mr. Bernardelle when speaking English but in order to avoid misunderstanding, when I have to reply to him I always speak Japanese and ask the chief mechanic to translate for me.

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