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Castrol's Trizone Technology

Castrol's Trizone Technology

Castrol's Trizone Technology

The success of a winning rider is possible thanks to the work of an entire team and the support of their sponsors and commercial and technical partners, who provide high quality products that respond to the demands of the most competitive category in the world: MotoGP. One of those is Castrol, who produce the oil and lubricants for Team Fortuna Honda, products born through the highest possible level of technical research.

"MotoGP represents a huge challenge and stimulus for a technical partner because it allows you to explore otherwise inaccessible limits," comments John Bristow, Marketing Manager for Castrol. "MotoGP opens the door to technical research at the highest level and this gives us an advantage not only in racing but also in our products. In fact it was from our racing research that we came up with the revolutionary Trizone technology - a single oil that responds to the specific demands of the engine, clutch and gearbox."

Trizone four-stroke oil improves acceleration and power at maximum revs. Whilst an ordinary car requires three different kinds of lubricant, a street bike can use one single product for the three areas (in MotoGP the clutch is dry so the oil is only needed for the engine and gearbox). Trizone technology allows for maximum engine performance, protecting it from the deposits created at high temperatures and aiding the cooling process. As far as the clutch is concerned the oil helps to transmit the maximum amount of power from the engine to the rear wheel. In recent years this power has improved by 50%, whilst the current four-stroke engines now rev at 16,000rpm, compared to 12,000 in 1980. This increase in performance demands perfect lubrication, with oil developed specifically in racing. The gearbox, which is constantly reducing in size as the engine gets smalle r, is therefore required to operate on as small an amount of oil as possible - meaning the quality of the lubricant has to be extremely high in order to reduce friction and improve performance.

The Stats 30,000 kilometres covered in a season by the Fortuna Honda riders
2.600 litres of fuel used by each rider in a year
700/800 tyres per rider in a season
400 litres of CASTROL oil per rider in a season
10 litres of CASTROL oil per rider per GP

MotoGP, 2006

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