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Pedrosa comments on RC212V

Pedrosa comments on RC212V

Pedrosa comments on RC212V

With most observers agreeing that the new 800cc regulations will favour rather than hinder the progress of Dani Pedrosa in the premier class, the Spaniard himself yesterday commented on the new RC212V at its official unveiling.

"It's a little bit difficult to make a good analysis of the bike because I've only had the possibility to ride a few laps. But my first impression is that the bike feels right which is very important when you check the first prototype. We didn't work on the settings - only making some changes to the gearing - but it was clear that the package feels quite similar to the RC211V," commented Pedrosa to the gathered media.

"Definitely the bike is smaller, so for me it's better because I can control the bike more easily. I could touch my knees with my elbows while sitting on the bike and that's something I cannot do now with the RC211V. This is helpful when you ride a race bike."

"The engine character feels a little different to the RC211V, but as I said it was just my first test and development is still going on so this feeling will continue to change. And also I didn't push so much."

"Yes, it seems easier to ride because some things about the bike feel smaller and the rear seat is much shorter which makes the whole bike look more compact. The bike has some characteristics which are a little more like a 250cc but it's still a MotoGP bike. I don't know if it will be faster in the corners because there are many hairpins in Motegi and the corner speed is very low."

"For me, the dimensions are better than the 990cc. I'm not tall and this machine suits my size a little better than the 990cc. Even though the height and the weight are the same as the RC211V, the bike is smaller, more compact and this is good."


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