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Hayden: "We've made Valentino mad by taking his title"

Hayden: 'We've made Valentino mad by taking his title'

Hayden: "We've made Valentino mad by taking his title"

Newly-crowned World Champion Nicky Hayden is not resting on his laurels, getting straight back to work as he tests the new 800cc RC212V at Valencia. Although it appears that the American still sees the 2006 title as something that he has taken from its "rightful owner," he is keen to prove that his maiden World Championship was anything but a fluke, and is gunning for a second triumph to take him into a group of a select few.

"Sunday almost feels old now, and I know that we've made Valentino mad by taking his title. I'm looking forward to taking him on next season; I want to come back next year and win again on this bike. To win one title is great, but to take two of them puts you into another elite group-so I'm hungry."

Hayden has also reviewed the 800cc bike after undertaking his first laps with the 2007 machine.

"I enjoyed riding the new bike today and I'm quite excited because it's got some pretty trick parts and it looks really cool. I got down into the 1m 33s lap-times pretty easily this morning which is a good sign. The new bike feels like it's got a lot more traction - especially under acceleration. The power delivery feels a lot smoother, and when you first open the throttle you don't need to get the bike picked up as much as you did with the 990. It feels a lot lighter but actually the weight is not much different. The bike definitely feels quite small and has a different feeling that I'll have to get used to. We're already going around the corners faster than the 990cc bike and it's going to require a different style of riding and be a different breed of bike. It does have high corner entry and corner speed and I'll have to adapt a few things with my style."

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