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Nakano-endorsed pocket bikes go on sale

Nakano-endorsed pocket bikes go on sale

Nakano-endorsed pocket bikes go on sale

Yet to ride the 800cc Honda RC212V, Shinya Nakano has nonetheless been involved with a new bike this week. The Japanese star, who has recently moved to Konica Minolta Honda after 3 years with Kawasaki, has been closely supervising the development of two pocket bikes by Nihon Life, available through his official website

Nakano has always been inextricably linked with pocket bikes, from his first experience on two wheels to the present day and the annual "Shinya Nakano, In an interview earlier this season, the Japanese rider described the time he rode a pocketbike, aged five, breaking into tears because he was so scared. Nakano has certainly come a long way since then, commenting that "Since I first got on the bike I have learnt a huge amount, and I am in MotoGP largely thanks to pocket bikes. I want to repay the favour by supporting the races and hopefully bringing more kids into the sport with these new bikes," he concluded.

The MT30RC-56V beginners model, and the R40EX-56X experts version, are available in black, red, blue and white.

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