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Aoyama brothers meet local mayor

Aoyama brothers meet local mayor

Aoyama brothers meet local mayor

Both Hiroshi and Shuhei Aoyama's achievements in 2006 were recognised yesterday in their home city of Ichihara. They were welcomed by Mayor Takayoshi Sakumi, himself a former road racer, and took the opportunity to thank everyone in the city for their support during a season in which both shone in the 250cc class.

"The mayor was very interested in KTM's work, and asked me a lot of questions," said eldest brother Hiroshi. "He advised us to be careful, seeing as this sport is somewhat risky. Here we have a lot of local sportsmen who compete in football or boxing, and we want to continue that tradition," he continued. KTM Japan, Arai and a number of sponsors were also paid a fleeting visit by the winner of the 2006 Japanese Grand Prix.

Shuhei Aoyama will stay in Ichihara over the holiday period to continue his training for 2007, whilst Hiroshi returns to the brothers' new base in Barcelona today for physical preparation.

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