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Talmacsi gets set for new Aspar era

Talmacsi gets set for new Aspar era

Talmacsi gets set for new Aspar era

2007 sees a new start for Gabor Talmacsi in the 125cc category. The Hungarian rider makes the switch from Humangest to the Aspar Team this season with the hope of raising his profile alongside the championship-winning team. Speaking to, Talmacsi explained the logic behind his decision.

What was your first ride on the Aspar Team Aprilia like?

It felt great. The first goal I had was to blend in with the team and get used to the bike, and it really did feel extremely good right from the start. The guys behind me are all professionals and there was good communication between us at all times, something that is reflected by the lap times. We had the fastest laps in the category, going round in under circuit record pace. Although it doesn't really mean anything, it's a positive start. Now we are resting ahead of the upcoming tests.

Why did you choose to make the move to a Spanish team?

The countries that have the most passion for motorcycle racing are undoubtedly Italy and Spain, and they have the most riders and teams. I didn't hesitate for a second when the opportunity with the Aspar Team presented itself, especially considering their successful 2006 season. When a rider reaches a certain level of experience, he looks for a serious and experienced team to provide the best combination.

What goals do you have now that you are onboard with the Aspar Team?

I can't really set goals right now. I want to take things step by step. We'll see where we are at when the racing starts.

You are one of the more senior riders in the class. How do you see some of the younger talents coming into the championship?

For a long time there have been 15-16 year old kids coming through and riding fast. This is the result of the work in Italy and Spain to get youngsters riding from an early age. I was like them, I started when I was very very young.

You've ridden for a lot of factories, including Honda and KTM. How do you assess each of them?

Every team has their good and bad points. I hope to do well with Aprilia in 2007, but I am grateful for every opportunity that has been presented to me in the past.

Who do you think will be your main rivals over the coming season?

It's difficult to say at the moment, but based on last year's results I suppose that Faubel, Pasini and Gadea are going to be a step ahead of the rest. There is always a dark horse, but I think that those are the three who will be my biggest rivals. The KTM riders will be something of an unknown quantity.

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