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Aksland comments ahead of the first KR212V test

Aksland comments ahead of the first KR212V test

Aksland comments ahead of the first KR212V test

Team KR are still to take to the track with their new 800cc machine, but onlookers have less than a week to wait to catch their first glimpse of the KRC212V in action. We caught up with Chuck Aksland from the team to run us through the development of the project.

How did the development of the bike go, with such a tight schedule?

We had a basic plan in place of what we wanted to build for the first bike before the end of last season. We received information regarding the engine from Honda during the GP at Estoril, and this allowed our design team to take the ideas and put them into the design stage. During last season, we had a running list compiled of what our race engineers, design staff, mechanics and of course Kenny JR and SR would like to see incorporated in the new design. I think pretty much most of the items we wanted were checked off the list and incorporated into the bike. Our design and manufacturing team did a great job to get the bike finished so quickly. It is still amazing to think that only 90 days ago this machine was only a list of ideas on paper, and now we are ready to run it for the first time next week.

How important was the experience gained with the KR211V when you began this project and how much technology/parts were you able to transfer directly to this new bike?

Last year's experience is vital to the success of this bike. As you remember, it took us a while to get going last year, really up until Mugello. We had a lot of chassis changes, and the KR212V is a progression of what we learned last year. It is an all-new design, but this first chassis is more of an evolution than a completely new concept. With what we gained last year, we should be a lot more competitive straight away then we were last season.

What has HRC's role dbeen during the process? Is the collaboration with the team closer than before?

I would not say that the collaboration is closer, it has been good from the beginning. HRC have from the start of last year been very helpful and supportive to us. Of course we are now more familiar with each other and they have a better understanding of our capabilities. During the design process there is allot of communication back and forth between our design office and their staff. They understand the time constraints we are under and react to questions very quickly. Obviously this is a key point in order for us to be able to go from design to finished product in 90 days.

MotoGP, 2007

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