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Pramac d'Antin prepare for home race

Pramac d'Antin prepare for home race

For the Pramac d'Antin MotoGP Team, whose racing department is situated in Madrid, Jerez will be an important race.

For the Pramac d'Antin MotoGP Team, whose racing department is situated in Madrid, Jerez will be an important race. The enthusiasm and determination of the Italo-Spain Team will be rewarded with great support from their fans and all the passionate people that travel to the Andalusian Circuit. Having just returned from a solid opener in Qatar, with a ninth position for Alex Barros and an eleventh one for Alex Hofmann, the Team is confident in it's ability to pursue an exciting World Championship, always aiming for the top five, and more so, victory!

Luis d' Antin – Team Principal:

"We arrive to our second race with the resolve to achieve impressive results! For us, the Spanish race is an important round because our race department is here, and we're proud that this is our "home-race". So many of our fans and supporters will be at the race, and we want to show our love and respect for them with a good showing! Unfortunately, we haven't had the best start, but the Ducati/ Bridgestone package we are using is awesome, and our rider's are ready to show their fighting spirit and tenacity! I'm sure that if we continue to work as well as we're able to, we'll reach our ultimate goal: a top five position in the general classification!"

Alex Barros:

"I'm anxious to face everybody in Jerez! After the good result obtained in Qatar, which could be have been better if there weren't some unexpected surprises, I really want to run hard to show that we can achieve the podium, though winning a GP always remains our true focus! At this track in 2004, I finished in third place, and in 2005, fourth place, so I hope to do well this time around. In Jerez, we will start with the set-up from Qatar that enabled us to be fast; I'm sure that we'll complete the weekend in a better way than during IRTA tests, and I'm confident for a beautiful race! I'm very happy with the deep connection I feel with my Ducati GP7 and my team. I'll push at my maximum!"

Alex Hofmann:

"I'm very happy to begin the second race in Spain, the home Grand Prix of our Team! The last IRTA tests didn't go so well, but all the same we have a good setting, thanks to the improvements we made in Qatar! Competing in this race always moves me a lot, because of the surroundings and all the fun that takes place there! I hope to be in the best condition to push as hard as I can! My team is working very well, and we are optimistic about scoring some good points!"

Pramac d'Antin press release


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