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Quotes from the Estoril press conference

Quotes from the Estoril press conference

Ahead of the Grande Premio de Portugal, five faces from the MotoGP paddock spoke to the media in the pre-event press conference.

Ahead of the Grande Premio de Portugal, five faces from the MotoGP paddock spoke to the media in the pre-event press conference.

Casey Stoner
"There are not too many races left, so we'll just see how many of those we can win…or lose. Valentino (Rossi) will keep fighting, so it's not as easy as people are saying, although we have been helped by his bad luck at Misano.

"This is another new track for me with Ducati, and I feel confident enough to just focus on our job. It's one of the most difficult circuits around.

"I've had good and bad races here, but the weather has always been a bit unpredictable. I hope that coming here earlier might make things a little more predictable."

Alex Barros
"It was a tricky race at Misano, with the weather and the wet track. My first few races this year went well, although the second part has not been so great.

"So far I have enjoyed my MotoGP return, but for me the problem has really been in qualifying. The package and my riding should have me close to the top five every race, but I just haven't been starting from high up enough on the grid.

"My future is 50/50 at the moment; I hope to have answers when we go to Motegi."

Chris Vermeulen
"It was tough here on my first visit last year, and Bridgestone also really struggled. However, now the package is working well and we are immensely better than when I first got on the bike back at the end of 2005.

"Estoril is hugely fast down the straight, and there is an interesting camber. It isn't easy to learn."

Toni Elias
"My leg is painful, and the rehabilitation has been slow. I am at 80% for this race, but the track also makes things difficult and is tough on the leg. I just hope to keep on improving like I did at Brno and then Misano, and I will be going out no matter what. Before I wouldn't take the risk if it was raining in practice, but if it rains here then I will ride."

Davide Brivio
"We knew that we had top speed problems as soon as we started riding in Qatar, but there have also been issues with tyres and the rest of the bike. Ducati, Casey and Bridgestone have been doing a fantastic job, and I don't think that it is just because of the new rules.

"My personal opinion is that the tyre regulations should not change. If they do, then it would be too easy to say that they are being changed for Michelin, or for Valentino or whatever. We just need to improve alongside Michelin, and become more competitive."


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