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Capirossi aiming for another year in MotoGP

Capirossi aiming for another year in MotoGP

Paul Denning, Rizla Suzuki´s team manager, has told that Loris Capirossi has not yet renewed his contract for 2009, but that an option exists to do so and both parties appear to be very happy with their working relationship.

After recent press speculation that experienced Italian rider Loris Capirossi had already signed a contract to remain with Rizla Suzuki in MotoGP in 2009, his team manager Paul Denning has commented on the situation - stating that next year´s plans are not yet in place but that a renewal could well be on the cards.

Denning told, `The situation for 2009 isn´t yet completely clear with regard to riders and we feel that it is a little bit early after only three races in the 2008 season to be completely focussed on next year.´

`Loris has got a contract for 2009 which is based on performance criteria and if those criteria are met he has an automatic renewal with Suzuki in any case,´ explained the Englishman. `If they are not met he would be a free agent to look elsewhere and so would Suzuki. However, it has been such an excellent start to the relationship that at this stage we are very happy with Loris and I believe Loris is very happy with the team.´

Going on to cover the subject of when confirmation of a new contract might be expected, Denning added, `I don´t think we have seen the full potential from him or from the motorbike yet this year, and I think there is a very positive feeling looking toward the future.´

`So, we will wait until the situation on the performance based criteria is clear either way and then we will discuss the future, but I think Loris is very keen to do another year with Suzuki in MotoGP and we are certainly very keen to consider it in detail when it comes to that point.´

Meanwhile, Capirossi´s manager Carlo Pernat gave his perspective on the subject, saying, `It´s still just a little bit early to decide anything for certain, but the idea is that Loris will help develop the bike during this season and next year, so we have to wait two or three more races to start negotiations seriously.´

Should a contract extension come about Capirossi would be looking forward to his 20th season in the World Championship and Pernat added, `His aim is to continue on the Suzuki bike next year and his feeling with the team and with the bike is very good, even though the bike is new. I think the aim is to continue to work together and maybe after Mugello or Assen we can say something more.´

On Capirossi´s excellent relationship with Suzuki, Pernat concluded, `They have a very professional team and Loris is enthusiastic about things. Suzuki have a great budget and they listen closely to his feedback.´

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