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Borsoi details technical qualities of new Aprilia RSA

Borsoi details technical qualities of new Aprilia RSA

Bancaja Aspar´s Sporting Director, Gino Borsoi, has explained the specific technical characteristics of the new Aprilia RSA.

Having seen the evolution of Aprilia´s 125cc factory machinery from the RS model used predominantly in 2007 to the current RSA incarnation first hand, there are few better qualified figures than Bancaja Aspar´s Sporting Director Gino Borsoi to provide the lowdown on the new machine.

`The update from the RS to the RSA has been highly significant,´ Borsoi explained to `The RSA is the bike currently ridden by Gabor (Talmacsi) and it is completely new. It has nothing to do with the RS.´

Although the RSA used by Hector Faubel last year and now run by Talmacsi is yet to reach its expected potential in terms of performance levels, it has several design improvements on the RS which the Hungarian won the championship on last year.

`The chassis is totally new´, expanded the Italian former Aprilia rider, `and though the geometrics are similar in terms of measurements there is one significant difference: Aprilia have raised the chassis tubing to optimise air intake, so all of that part is much higher compared to the RS.´

`The front forks are longer and have been moved forward to improve the working of the bike behind them. Also the main body of the bike has completely changed. There is a new engine, with the traditional right sided carburettor now moved to the back, like on a classic Honda.´

Borsoi continued, `Another, less significant, change is that the exhaust pipe is now under the engine rather than under the seat.´

Adding to his technical description with a comment on aerodynamics, Borsoi stated, `Air intake is now in a central position rather than on the side, which gives more balance to the bike.´

The Aspar director concluded with prediction, saying, `At the moment the RS and the RSA seem to be similar in terms of performance, but the RSA has a strong future and within a couple of months the differences will be clear.´

125cc, 2008, Bancaja Aspar Team

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