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Garage Vert modification will lead to new Le Mans records

Garage Vert modification will lead to new Le Mans records

Changes to the Le Mans circuit will see new records laid down by the World Championship riders this weekend.

New records are always being broken in MotoGP, but rarely do the riders have the chance to lay down all-new markers at a circuit. This weekend, current premier class participants will hold all the records at the historic Le Mans circuit, as the timesheets start afresh in France.

A 4.72 metre extension of the Bugatti track, made at the Garage Vert corner to expand the gravel trap, makes all previous lap records at the circuit obsolete. The 4,185km track, which has also been increased in width to 12 metres, is still to all intents and purposes the same as last year, with the line of the corner virtually unchanged.

`The corner is much better; wider and more secure but keeping the same shape,´ says Sylvain Guintoli, one of two home MotoGP riders competing in France this weekend.

`There´s also a little more banking; it´s definitely a big plus for the track.´


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