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125cc podium finishers review split race

125cc podium finishers review split race

After drying themselves off following the wet 125cc Le Mans race, the podium finishers gave their perspective of the five-lap showdown.

Mike di Meglio - Race Winner

`It is hugely emotional for me. It was difficult at the start because of the tyres, but with the rain I was so secure, and I´m delighted to win this race.´

Bradley Smith - Second Place

`I took advantage of my second chance, I made a mistake in the first `race´ but made sure that I didn´t make it twice. It was a strange but great race, and I have to thank my team; I gave them a lot of work after my silly crash this morning.´

Nico Terol – Third Place

`It was a hard race. I was going well in the dry, it has always been difficult in the wet, and this time I didn´t know what the limits were. I improved today, and I want to thank everybody for their work putting me on the podium.´


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