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Edwards´ Kawasaki discussions confirmed

Edwards´ Kawasaki discussions confirmed

Tech 3 Yamaha´s Colin Edwards has been talking with a number of teams in order to secure a ride for 2009, with Kawasaki admitting contact with the American.

Colin Edwards´ future in the MotoGP World Championship after 2008 is still to be decided, and the Tech 3 Yamaha rider has been engaged in preliminary discussions with some of the main players in the paddock. The `Texas Tornado´ has been linked with one of the seats thus far not confirmed for 2009, that currently occupied by Anthony West in the Kawasaki team.

Further credence has been lent to an Edwards switch to `Team Green´ -a move which would see him team up with friend and fellow American John Hopkins- by talks made between the veteran and Kawasaki boss Michael Bartholemy after his pole and podium in Le Mans. The latter admitted in Mugello that contact had been made, but stressed that not too much should be read into what is regarded as standard practice in the series.

`I talk to Colin sometimes; he´s always good to talk to and a nice man. We have discussed his future a little, as is normal at this time in the year,´ was the most that the Belgian would disclose on the matter. Kawasaki´s signing of Hopkins was the earliest move of 2007, made shortly before last year´s German round of the World Championship.

Keen to keep the rider who has been a revelation since his sideways move from the factory to satellite Yamaha team, Tech 3 Team Principal Herve Poncharal is also well aware of the precedents and factors that are set to come into play regarding the situation.

`We´re at the time when rumours are starting; everyone is talking with everyone. Colin has been with Yamaha for a long time, and I think that he is enjoying this link with us, but he hasn´t got a contract signed for 2009,´ detailed Poncharal, who indicated that the decision was not entirely in his hands.

`I can´t blame him for looking at other options. He is by far the favourite to be with the team next year, but we still have to talk about a few things. I´d love him to stay, but if he finds something better that I can´t match, then why not? That´s the game.´

As for Kawasaki, their running of a home rider at this year´s two visits to America will be limited to the participation of full-time rider John Hopkins. Roger Lee Hayden, a wildcard at last year´s round at Laguna Seca, will now not be reporting for MotoGP duty as a result of a change in strategy for the team.

`After Le Mans we made the decision to not run wildcards at the two American rounds, and concentrate on our two full-time riders. This is our main job.´ Bartholemy confirmed.

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