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Brad Pitt enjoys MotoGP action

Brad Pitt enjoys MotoGP action

Hollywood star Brad Pitt was a very special guest at the Mugello circuit on Sunday, taking in the MotoGP race before congratulating Valentino Rossi on another brilliant Italian win.

As if there was not enough atmosphere already at Tuscany´s picturesque Mugello circuit on Sunday, with Valentino Rossi sending the MotoGP-mad Italian fans into raptures with his Gran Premio d´Italia Alice win, the presence of award-winning American actor Brad Pitt added to the buzzing ambience.

The star of blockbusters such as Babel, Fight Club, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Ocean´s Eleven is a big fan of MotoGP and was also a guest for the Laguna Seca 2005 race in California.

Once again Pitt enjoyed the sunshine and took in all the premier class action in Italy. After the race he congratulated Rossi on his seventh successive Mugello MotoGP victory and also acknowledged Casey Stoner´s popular return to the podium.


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