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Ducati designer tight-lipped on Desmosedici GP9 development

Ducati designer tight-lipped on Desmosedici GP9 development

Alan Jenkins, a designer and close collaborator with Ducati, is keeping an open mind as to the development of the Desmosedici GP9.

A designer closely linked with the development of Ducati´s various incarnations of the Desmosedici, Alan Jenkins was giving nothing away about the ongoing GP9 development project when speaking in Mugello.

The Briton has been one of the key figures in the aerodynamics of Ducati´s MotoGP machines, gathering information in particular from wind tunnel testing. The key to success in motorcycle development has always been an open mind, and Jenkins says that the Italian factory are refusing to rule out any possibilities for their latest bike.

`There´s been a fair bit of speculation about things that are going on with Ducati´s frames, but as a specialist bike company there are a lot of things under investigation and they are looking at quite a range of future options for frames –not necessarily replacing the existing one,´ said the former Formula 1 designer.

`There will be one or two things built in the future; you have to build prototypes to see whether the concept works in practice. Motorcycle history is littered with good concepts that either didn´t work, there was lack of perseverance or something changed in tyre techonology… so a lot of this stuff has happened before.

`I´m unable to confirm anything about the GP9, other than to say that there is a test bike running that could become the GP9. We´ve got two riders using it –Vittoriano Guareschi and Niccolo Canepa- and the next steps will become apparent in the near future,´ concluded Jenkins.

MotoGP, 2008

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