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Rabat admitted to the Catalunya general hospital (UPDATED)

Rabat admitted to the Catalunya general hospital (UPDATED)

The young Catalan rider is currently under sedation. At 11:00 pm a new CAT will be carried out. All tests until now have given normal results.

Repsol 125cc KTM Team rider Esteve Rabat was admitted to the Intensive Care unit of the CAPIO Catalunya General Hospital on Friday afternoon, after a crash suffered at 1.40pm, on the left-hand corner leading to the stadium area -post number 20- at the Circuit de Catalunya. Still conscious, Rabat was taken in an ambulance from the medical centre at the circuit to the Catalunya General Hospital, where he was attended to on arrival by medical services.

Doctor Cristina Fortiá, at the Intensive Care Unit of the Catalunya General Hospital, stated that `the patient Esteve Rabat was admitted to the emergency hall, at 3.15pm, diagnosed with craniocerebral traumatism. The patient arrived here conscious and later lost consciousness; a number of tests have been carried out -CAT, Magnetic Resonance and various X-rays. He is currently under sedation and is awaiting new complementary tests and a new evaluation over the next few hours.´

Late on Friday evening Rabat was due for another CAT in order to evaluate his development and assess his situation.

Repsol Media

Update: Esteve Rabat was brought back to a conscious state on Saturday morning, and is now able to talk. CAT scan results were clean, and he is currently in a stable condition. Repsol KTM will shortly give more information about the situation.


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