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Catalunya top six fails to fully satiate Tech 3 Yamaha appetite

Catalunya top six fails to fully satiate Tech 3 Yamaha appetite

Colin Edwards and James Toseland are eyeing up further improvement after a highly respectable top six finish for both riders in Catalunya.

Tech 3 Yamaha repeated their Saturday grid positions in Sunday´s race, with fifth and sixth for Colin Edwards and James Toseland. Despite more valuable points and the retention of third place in the team championship, both riders are craving more when MotoGP heads to Donington Park.

Colin Edwards - Fifth

`I got a fantastic start and thought `brilliant here we go.´ But from the second corner I had a problem and to be honest we are scratching our heads a little bit. I struggled because early on I was doing low 43s but then I just couldn´t maintain that pace. I´d throw the bike in on the brakes but it would be sideways and I found myself having to change my style like I did in Mugello to help. I´d stop it hard on the brakes, turn it into the corner and then pick it up to accelerate, but in some places where I would normally use second gear I was using third to baby it out of the corners. I did everything I could possibly do too hang in with the group but Andrea just seemed to have a bit more grip than me on the rear. He was able to pull away a little bit on every lap. I could catch him on the brakes but then I´d lose that crucial bit of time on the exit. What we ran in the warm-up was going to be too soft for the race with the temperature but I'm still happy with fifth. It's one of the best results I´ve had here and now we go to Donington and Assen. They are two tracks I love and I´m sure I´m going to be fighting for the podium again. We kept third in the team championship, which is great for the Tech 3 team, Yamaha and Michelin.´

James Toseland- Sixth

`I´m a little bit mad with myself because like in Mugello, I believe there was a fourth here. I got an okay start and was about seventh but Valentino came by in the first corner. It was a clean move but he left it late, so we were side-by-side going in and there was no way I could turn in because he was there. There was nothing wrong with the pass but I had to go straight on and that lost me the gap. Whether you are doing the same times as the rest of them or not, you can only pull back small amounts of time. We changed the bike this morning and it took a couple of laps to get used to the feel of it. I´d been running soft tyres most of the weekend doing good lap times but going a bit harder for the race, I just didn´t have as much grip at the start and it took me a couple of laps to get used to it and I didn't push it hard enough. At this point I´m content with where I am but I´m getting impatient because I feel I can do better, so that's why I´m a bit disappointed with sixth. If I finish sixth and know I couldn´t do anymore I´m happy, but now I feel there is more in the bag. But we have really got this new setting working well and it will be a really good package at Donington where I can´t wait to go. It´s my first home Grand Prix and it feels a long time since I´ve been to a track I know. I´m getting regular top six finishes but the target at Donington will be to finish much higher and I´m confident with Tech 3, Yamaha and Michelin I can do it.´

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