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Shell Advance smoothes the way for Ducati

Shell Advance smoothes the way for Ducati

In this short animated video the role of Shell Advance oil in lubricating Ducati´s Desmosedici GP8 engine is demonstrated in detail.

The accompanying video looks at how World Champion Casey Stoner´s Ducati Desmosedici GP8 engine is lubricated and protected by Shell Advance oil.

Lubricants have played an ever-more crucial role in MotoGP since the engine capacity reduction from 990cc to 800cc in 2007, which meant manufacturers faced the challenge of making up for power loss by pushing the boundaries of four-stroke engineering - resulting in most cases in higher revs.

Though higher top rpm means more raw power, it also means more stress on the moving elements of the engine, which is where oils such as Shell Advance can make all the difference.

MotoGP, 2008, Ducati Marlboro Team

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