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Edwards: `I´ve got the pace to match (nearly) anybody´

Edwards: `I´ve got the pace to match (nearly) anybody´

Colin Edwards is confident about his chances in Assen this weekend, Stoner aside…

Colin Edwards was once again battling amongst the factory riders with his Tech3 Yamaha M1 in Assen on Thursday, with the third fastest time of the day the reward for his troubles. Teammate James Toseland also benefitted from a switch to the Texan´s geometry setting.

Colin Edwards - Third

`I´m pretty pleased with that because if you take Casey out of the equation I´ve got the pace to match anybody. We made a small change to the bike after this morning because here you carry so much load you have to play with the spring rate to get the right feeling. How my bike was set-up from Donington, it was just a bit too lazy and slow to react around this track. There are some pretty fast changes of direction round here. I was getting it to change direction but it was all happening a little bit too slow. My team had some good ideas to try and help the bike steer a bit better but it didn´t feel great. There was a bit too much weight on the front. I was pushing but I didn´t want to push any harder because the feel just wasn´t there. We made another little change and I was straight into the low 37s and I was on it. We then changed the front setting again and I got a lot more confidence in the front and it felt awesome. I was never outside the top three so it is looking good. The grip feels really good and all my tyres seem pretty good so thanks to Michelin for that. You need endurance round this track and nothing too crazy grip wise in the beginning that might drop off. We´ve got a good direction but honestly if it is going to rain on Saturday I´d really like to get some rain tomorrow. I need to sort out this year´s bike for the rain. We have a year old rain setting that works good but that setting needs to be tweaked for this year´s bike. I could start the race with my old faithful rain setting and it will work, but we can make it better after what we had at Donington in the wet.´

James Toseland - Thirteenth

`It is hard work at the moment to be honest. We wasted a lot of time and should have gone with the setting we had at the end much earlier. Basically I´ve gone closer to what Colin is running but we didn´t do it until too late and it was quite a frustrating session. I got up to speed quite fast right at the end when we tried this new setting so it seems like we have found a good direction but we wasted too much time getting there. The bike is better on the brakes because I was losing so much rear grip on the entry of the corners that I had no corner speed with the other setting. The way this new setting transfers the weight is much smoother and doesn't move weight off the rear as quick. With the new setting I got straight into the 37s and I feel I could have built on that but we´d been going round in circles for too long. I just spent too much time in the garage and when I need the track time to get the bike set-up on a track I´ve not tested on, I can´t afford to do that. I´m trying to learn the track on this bike so I need to be out there. Now we´ve got this setting I´m confident for tomorrow that we can move forward.

MotoGP, 2008, A-STYLE TT ASSEN, Colin Edwards, James Toseland, Tech 3 Yamaha

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