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Lorenzo sees no problem with Laguna Seca debut

Lorenzo sees no problem with Laguna Seca debut

Fiat Yamaha rookie Jorge Lorenzo is relishing his first ride at the Laguna Seca circuit.

Although a rookie in the MotoGP class this year, Jorge Lorenzo has always had the benefit of considerable track experience with the circuits on the World Championship calendar through his time in 125cc and 250cc. Until now, that is.

The Spaniard heads to Laguna Seca to ride for the first time, with the lower cylinder categories not having featured at the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix since the return to the American track in 2005. He was in attendance last year as a guest commentator for Spanish television, but now Lorenzo has the opportunity to test his bravery against the likes of Rainey Curve and the famous Corkscrew.

`Going to a track I never raced at shouldn´t be a big hurdle, but it´s true it might be harder in the early sessions,´ he said at a San Francisco Hard Rock Café autograph session on Tuesday.

`However, you have to go over it, you know that you have just as much time as the others to do your work. We know that we have a competitive bike and competitive tyres.´

Lorenzo´s season has been plagued by crashes, but he has nonetheless drawn plaudits for his fearless riding style and blistering early performances. Pole positions, a race win and numerous records have all gone his way in 2008, something that heartens the 21 year-old when reviewing what has been a mixed rookie year thus far.

`I´ve had some ups and downs in this season. The first races proved quite positive and then lately things haven´t gone that well, but you have to look back on it as a whole, building up experience throughout the season,´ he reviewed philosophically.

`Of course you can enjoy the good results and good experience on the spot, but even the bad experiences can prove good later as you learn from it, and it may help you progress.´

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