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Hayden and Edwards take in four-wheel Indianapolis action

Hayden and Edwards take in four-wheel Indianapolis action

Nicky Hayden and Colin Edwards spent time at the NASCAR Allstate 400 at the Brickyard last weekend, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Nicky Hayden and Colin Edwards were the riders with the shortest trip home from the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix for their summer break, and the American duo were back at a racetrack last Sunday. The pair were spectators at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the scene of this year´s inaugural Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix, to take in the action at the latest NASCAR round.

The Allstate 400 at the Brickyard was a first for both riders. Edwards had never been to the famous circuit, whilst frequent visitor Hayden was enjoying his first NASCAR event. Both were impressed, more than anything with the packed grandstand sure to be recreated on September 14th.

`It´s pretty spectacular, I think. I´m not going to say I expected it because it´s a zoo, man. Honestly, today we drove in, and I was like, `Geez, there are just so many people here,´ laughed Tech 3 Yamaha rider Edwards, currently the highest placing American rider in the MotoGP standings.

`It´s so weird, you know? My memories of Indy are not what sprint-car guys or dirt-track car guys grow up thinking about. My memories are sitting at home, watching it on TV, but really having no connection like; ‘I want to be there; I want to be doing that,´ because I was on two wheels, and it was always four wheels. But now, learning a little bit of the history, how long it´s been since motorcycles have been here, it´s special to come back, for sure.

`As far as you look either way, you just see some grandstands. And they´re full. That´s the crazy thing. It´s different. It´s really different. I´d like to see this crowd come for the Grand Prix. It would be really nice.´

Hayden has been to Indianapolis on a number of occasions in the run-up to the track´s first MotoGP event, having ridden the first lap of the new circuit and performed a demonstration lap for fans at the world-famous Indy 500. As he explained, anticipation is building for the upcoming World Championship premiere.

`The excitement is coming along pretty good. I think all of MotoGP is excited to race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and race at such a famous place. The whole paddock – not just me – is excited about coming out east to the Brickyard. They have all been to the California race, but this is a whole new experience for them. For me, just to be able to race three hours from my hometown is amazing. I never thought I would have the opportunity to race in the MotoGP so close to home.´

After a return east, Hayden heads back out west to Los Angeles, where he will take part this Saturday in the 14th edition of the X Games onboard a supermoto. will report on the Repsol Honda rider´s progress next week.

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