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Edwards taking Indianapolis in his stride

Edwards taking Indianapolis in his stride

Tech 3 Yamaha´s MotoGP duo of Colin Edwards and James Toseland were reflective about the conditions at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Colin Edwards and James Toseland are two of the more laidback figures in the MotoGP paddock, and both were making a steady adaptation to the drenched Indianapolis asphalt. This weekend´s round is a home race for Edwards, who sees no big problems with a switch in schedule should circumstances force such an eventuality.

Colin Edwards - Fifteenth

`This morning wasn´t bad. This morning was like, we all kind of knew where the puddles were, we were all trying to find ... you´ve got two parts to the track. You've got what I call Donington on the first six or seven corners, and then you've got Portugal over here on the last part of the track. It's just basically the assessment of grip. Portugal, the way the tarmac is, it´s like the last few corners (of IMS), Donington is the first few corners. You get this flat, black tarmac without any stones and you get little depressions in it, and water fills those depressions. Once you get them all figured out, it´s not bad. The problem is when it rains a lot those areas swell, and then they take over whole areas that used to be good. That´s kind of the issue with a lot of rain. If it rains (in the race) like this morning then we´re fine, let's go racing. If it´s like this (heavy rain), then we might have to delay a little bit or just wait for the timing in the weather. I don´t think we really have a schedule this weekend, we'll just try to fit it in when we can.´

James Toseland - Seventeenth

`I´m not too disheartened with my position and the lap times I was doing in the worse conditions were not bad compared to the rest. We didn´t have a good setting for when the track was pretty good at the start of the session this afternoon, but when I went back out again it had rained hard and there was lying water in parts of the track. You needed to do a lap time in the first 20 minutes and we didn´t. But in the middle of the session when the times were slower we weren´t too far away at all. It was one of those days when you could have been up the front or down the bottom. The big issue is the puddles on the new surface. With the amount of rain we had this afternoon, it made it nearly unrideable. You aquaplane for at least two metres before you turn in at the first corner and that isn't a lot of fun. This morning when it wasn´t raining so much, there was still a big puddle in the first corner, but this afternoon the rain made it nearly impossible. The old surface is absolutely fine but we are really struggling for grip in the sections where the new surface is. You aquaplane because the puddles in places must be two or three inches deep. It is just a shame because there has been a lot of expectation about coming to Indy. It would be a great track in the dry and it could be a fantastic event. It is great to see so many fans turn out in this weather, so hopefully we can put an exciting show on for them.´

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