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Onde 2000 betting on Gibernau for 2009 MotoGP project

Onde 2000 betting on Gibernau for 2009 MotoGP project

Pablo Nieto has confirmed that sponsors Onde 2000 are working on a project to bring Sete Gibernau back into MotoGP next season on Ducati satellite machinery.

The sons of Spanish racing hero and MotoGP Legend Angel Nieto, Pablo and Gelete, are working hard with sponsors Onde 2000 and Ducati Corse to bring Sete Gibernau back into the World Championship in 2009.

Gibernau, who was twice runner-up in MotoGP before his retirement from racing in 2006, has tested with Ducati this year and has made it clear that he would love to make a Grand Prix comeback.

The Nieto brothers are assisting the 35 year-old star from Barcelona in making that dream a reality and are close to finalising a plan with their sponsors, Spanish property development company Onde 2000, and Italian manufacturers Ducati – which could result in five bikes from the Borgo Panigale factory on the 2009 grid.

Speaking to on Saturday at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix, Pablo Nieto stated, `It´s still a little bit early to say for sure. But it is true that we have been talking to Ducati and to Sete, and it would be a very nice project for next year. It´s very difficult to go into MotoGP but we have the possibility and in the next couple of days it should become clearer.´

`It is almost done,´ continued the Spanish 125cc rider, `but we have a lot of small things to finalise and Ducati have almost given the `Ok´, Sete has almost said `Ok´ and it should be sorted soon because Ducati need to know for certain for next year, so they can provide the bikes. It is very important for us and for our sponsors, we are nearly there but we just can´t confirm it yet.´

Asked whether he or his brother Gelete could be involved in the management structure of the new team, Pablo replied, `That is the problem. I am riding in 125c and maybe next year I am going to ride in 250cc. My brother is now the manager of our team, and all the team will have to be completely new. That is slightly problematic because in MotoGP the teams are very big, with lots of people involved and we have to finalise all these things.´

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