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MotoGP top three comment on single tyre rule

MotoGP top three comment on single tyre rule

Following last weekend´s Grand Prix Commission decision to have a single tyre supplier as of next season the top three current riders in MotoGP have given their differing views on the subject.

The recent decision that MotoGP will move to mono-brand tyre supply as of the 2009 World Championship season has prompted differing responses from the leading trio in the current premier class general standings.

Rider consideration was of course taken into account when the decision was finalised last weekend in Japan. Indeed, on Thursday in the Australian Grand Prix official pre-event press conference newly crowned World Champion Valentino Rossi stated that the majority of the riders were in agreement with the change in regulations – though he admitted that rider agreement was not 100% unanimous.

`I agree with the `mono-tyre´ rule,´ Rossi commented. `For sure at the beginning you need time to adapt to the new situation, for all the manufacturers and for all the riders, because with a one-tyre rule it will change things a lot. Sometimes you don´t have the perfect tyre for each racetrack, but everyone will have the same problems or the same advantage. I think for the future it is a good idea. I think it will be good to have fun races, with more different riders on the same level fighting for the victory.

The 2007 World Champion, Casey Stoner, has a different perspective and he stated. `I will keep my judgement until it is proven but I don´t know if it is going to make the racing any better. We will see. There are still always gaps, you see in the 250cc class that they are all on the same tyres and there are still disadvantages and gaps. If it is not one thing to complain about people find another. We have been riding with Bridgestone for two years now and we are very happy with their current results and depending on what tyre we go with for the one-tyre make it is going to be interesting.´

Having caused headlines with his recent switch from Michelin to Bridgestone, Dani Pedrosa´s thoughts were as follows… `I was in a little bit of trouble with the combination I had,´ said the Spaniard, referring to using Michelin tyres earlier in the season. `But now I think with the one tyre rule it could be interesting for the championship and we must wait to see what happens at the end. I think it could be good.´

In the aforementioned meeting at Motegi last Sunday the Grand Prix Commission decided unanimously on the single tyre rule for 2009 - for safety and cost reasons - and proposals to supply the tyres have to be handed to the FIM and Dorna by today (Friday 3rd October).

A final decision on who will supply the premier class MotoGP World Championship teams with their tyres for the 2009 season will be announced by the GP Commission by 18th October at the latest.

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