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MotoGP 08 goes on sale

MotoGP 08 goes on sale

A new MotoGP video game´s release will tie in seamlessly with the conclusion of the real-life action for 2008.

The latest in Capcom´s MotoGP video game series MotoGP 08, goes on sale at the end of this month on four different platforms, set to keep World Championship fans occupied during the winter break.

Released on October 24th in Europe and Australia, with a U.S. release on October 28th, MotoGP 08 will be the first in the series for the Sony Playstation 3 format. The game is to be simultaneously launched for the Playstation 2 & Xbox 360 consoles, as well as for the PC.

Featuring all the riders, circuits and teams from the 2008 season, the game gives the chance for fans to try the new night race setting for Qatar in just one of the updates from previous versions. Create-a-rider, championship mode and the opportunity to race against up to 11 other MotoGP fans are just some of the ways to play MotoGP 08

For more information, including screenshots and video clips of the game, go to the specially-created official website

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