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Tech3 Yamaha to go search of Saturday improvements

Tech3 Yamaha to go search of Saturday improvements

There were mixed results for satellite Yamaha teammates Colin Edwards and James Toseland in the Valencian rain on Friday.

Experienced American Colin Edwards and English MotoGP Rookie James Toseland give their views on what went down on Friday at the beginning of the concluding GP of 2008 at Valencia.

Colin Edwards – ninth

`We started with the rain setting I used back at Donington Park and it felt fine, but it uses quite a lot of weight on the front. So we tweaked it to get some more weight on the rear tyre and I felt pretty good. I´m really happy with the soft rain tyre that Michelin has got. This track is pretty tough to judge in the rain but with the softer tyre I´m reasonably happy with my pace. I tried a couple of harder tyres and didn´t have the same confidence, but the soft tyre we are not sure if it will have the endurance for 30-laps if it rains on Sunday. I´m going to try and make some more changes with the team overnight to get a bit more weight on the rear to see if we can just to get a bit more confidence. This track in the rain is really tough and conditions were quite difficult. It is a weird feeling because you can´t really push like you can in wet conditions on other tracks. Normally you can get the front and the rear moving and you´re feeling for grip, but here it is all or nothing. You can´t spin the rear and feel what its doing on this track. You´ve either got grip or you haven´t and you don´t get a lot of warning when there is no grip as we saw with a few guys crashing out. There is still a lot to fight for on Sunday so I´m reasonably happy with progress today.´

James Toseland – sixteenth

`It was a tough day and we´ve got to find something to improve because the forecasts are for more rain tomorrow, and I need to find a bit more from the bike. I just didn´t have a very good feeling and I´m not happy, but I´ve got some ideas. In those greasy conditions I just haven´t got enough feel from the rear and we need to find a lot more contact with the rear tyre. It feels a bit like riding around on eggshells at the moment. I´m not too far away but I´ve definitely got to make a step with the direction I think will work. I just need more weight on the rear to give me more confidence. This track is always tricky in the wet. When it is heavy rain, everybody has a respect for the place because they know how easy it is to get caught out. But when it is drying out, it doesn´t give more grip, even though there is less water on the surface. People get sucked into thinking they can go faster and you don´t get any warning before you get a big slide. This wasn´t the start I wanted with tenth place in the championship to battle for on Sunday, but I´m confident we can make some big improvements.´

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